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Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina – Asheville: Three Men Who Left Their Mark

Asheville means something different to everyone you ask.  Many immediately think of the Biltmore mansion, others say its food, craft beer brewing, distilleries and music.  Some people mention the beautiful mountain scenery while outdoor enthusiasts wax on about local trails, tubing, fishing and hunting, and many are drawn to the city for its art, architecture,Continue reading “North Carolina – Asheville: Three Men Who Left Their Mark”

Tennessee – Cades Cove: The Heart of the Smoky Mountains

Before we began spending time in East Tennessee, I thought of a cove as a place people went fishing or swimming, but here in the Smoky Mountains I’ve come to learn that coves can also be areas of land or valleys surrounded by mountains.  Cades Cove Loop Road takes visitors on the 11-mile, one-way, one-laneContinue reading “Tennessee – Cades Cove: The Heart of the Smoky Mountains”

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