Road to Adventure

Traveling Toni’s Roots

Traveling: One of my favorite pictures from my childhood is of me standing at the edge of our gravel road, wearing a straw hat and holding tight to its brim.  Already, at that young age, I was dreaming of travel and adventure.  I have been in all fifty states and well over two dozen countries and love to do lots of research before we depart. Once we are on our way, I document our days and then I write up trip notes upon our return.  My husband is only missing one state from his roster and has also lived abroad and traveled extensively before we met.

Toni: My mother gave me Toni as my nickname since it was the brand of home permanent she used to curl her always straight hair. I inherited the hair and love the name, especially since I didn’t have to share it with anyone else until my senior year of high school. Hats are still me…I love tucking my straight hair under the brim and taking off on one of our adventures.

Collecting Museums, Antiques, and More: I am married a man who is a lifelong antique collector, so in self-defense I had to start collecting something and they needed to be small objects since we had no spare space.  Aspirin tins, sewing needle booklets, and sterling silver luggage tags became my quest…but most of all, as we roam the country we seem to collect museums.  No matter where we go museums jump to the top of our list of places to visit.  We love them because they come in all shapes and sizes, and in each one we always learn something new.  Museums help us understand the place and its people; resources and resourcefulness; geography, topography, sports, industry, transportation, religion, politics, quirky inventions…. We love art and history, but we enjoy discovering places like the tow truck museum (International Towing & Recovery Museum) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or the Greyhound Bus Museum in Hibbing, Michigan.  These are unexpected cultural gems that introduce us to new worlds and new ways to think about the world. 

Come Join Us: Check in with us from time to time to learn more about a place you may want to visit or just to ride along with us on a day’s adventure.  We like to share our stories with friends, family and others who share a love for discovery.

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