Alabama – Montgomery: Exploring the Bonds of History

Eleven years ago we visited the Boone Art Museum in Clarksville, Georgia, and picked up a brochure that listed twelve institutions that were fellow consortium members of “Museums West.”  As avid museum collectors, our pursuit began.  Over the years since that visit we have traveled as far as Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Texas, and Jackson,Continue reading “Alabama – Montgomery: Exploring the Bonds of History”

Tennessee – Chattanooga: Tow Trucks, Art and Antiques

As we tell people, Don and I collect a lot of things but collecting museums is our passion, and Chattanooga has some fun and interesting ones to offer.  Having just done research on the Whiteside family and their contributions to early Chattanooga history, it seems like a good time to write about a few ofContinue reading “Tennessee – Chattanooga: Tow Trucks, Art and Antiques”

Tennessee – Chattanooga: When Travel, History and Collecting Coincide

I collect sterling silver luggage tags and over the years I have learned that these unique little pieces were mostly produced in the U.S., with the exception of only a handful of recent British and German ones.  The earliest dated luggage tag in my collection goes back to 1895 and was presented by Wannamaker &Continue reading “Tennessee – Chattanooga: When Travel, History and Collecting Coincide”

Tennessee – Oak Ridge: K-25 Secrets Revealed

We never expected to be back in Oak Ridge so soon…and we certainly did not expect to have “Security Clearance” to visit the new K-25 History Center that opened on February 27, 2020.  For this visit we even brought along our friend June who is a former American Museum of Energy Science Director.  She sharedContinue reading “Tennessee – Oak Ridge: K-25 Secrets Revealed”

Tennessee – Rugby: A Second Son’s Utopia

Primogeniture according to Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary is “1: the state of being the firstborn of the children of the same parents 2: an exclusive right if inheritance belonging to the eldest son.”  Primogeniture assured passage of the throne, baronies and other privileged property holdings since the feudal system in medieval times and wasContinue reading “Tennessee – Rugby: A Second Son’s Utopia”

Tennessee – Cumberland Gap: An Opening to the West

We tend to take our roads and highways for granted, but a visit to the eastern highlands of Tennessee gave us a reminder of what it was like for those early pioneers who ventured into this area.  One of the first signs we read at the Cumberland Gap Historic National Park offered a sharp reminder:Continue reading “Tennessee – Cumberland Gap: An Opening to the West”

Tennessee – Oak Ridge: Still Has Top Secrets

Sometimes we are pushed to explore a place because it almost looks like a map has been drawn pointing us in that direction.  Several things seemed to push us to visit the American Museum of Science & Energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Of course we had recently visited nearby Clinton and in my writing IContinue reading “Tennessee – Oak Ridge: Still Has Top Secrets”

Tennessee – Clinton: Pearls of the Past

In some ways, Clinton, Tennessee, seems to be almost as shrouded in secrecy as her neighbor Oak Ridge.  The secure veil that surrounded the Manhattan Project and the development of the atomic bomb for so many years seems to continue to be a part of the culture.  But for a while in 1956, Clinton madeContinue reading “Tennessee – Clinton: Pearls of the Past”

Tennessee – Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

We have served our time and been sprung.  Our visit to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary started last year when we were in Wyoming and Oregon on our way to Washington State.  Along our route were some remote towns and the only thing they had going for them from a historical/visitor’s standpoint were their penitentiaries…so weContinue reading “Tennessee – Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary”

Ohio – Toledo: An Unscheduled Stop

We made a detour to visit with friends on the way home and suddenly Toledo, Ohio, was on our route.  Since we hadn’t planned for this stop a quick internet search brought two museums into our day and into our ever-growing museum collection. The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) is HUGE and it is housedContinue reading “Ohio – Toledo: An Unscheduled Stop”