Wyoming – Yellowstone Ready for Winter & Jackson

We woke in Cody, Wyoming, and drove toward the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  The roadsides were rich with deer and elk.  At one point before even arriving at the park, we stopped the car when almost twenty elk crossed the road in front of us.  The bull elk stayed in back until everyoneContinue reading “Wyoming – Yellowstone Ready for Winter & Jackson”

Wyoming – Cody’s Old Trail Town

We arrived in Cody, Wyoming, late in the afternoon and were still on our race against the snow to get to Glacier before the first September flakes fell.  Since we had both been in Cody before we decided to save a return visit to the Buffalo Bill Center with its myriad of museums for anotherContinue reading “Wyoming – Cody’s Old Trail Town”

Nebraska – Omaha’s Raging Buffalo

Don and I had both been through Omaha before…but we never stopped.  For several years we have been tracking Western Art Museums that were listed in a brochure we picked up back in 2011 at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.  The Booth Museum was such a surprise…a Western art collection in theContinue reading “Nebraska – Omaha’s Raging Buffalo”

Montana and Wyoming – Big Horn / Bighorn / Little Bighorn

With an 80-mile-an-hour speed limit you would think that it wouldn’t take long to travel the 178 miles from Cheyenne to Casper, Wyoming, (the first leg of our drive to the Little Bighorn Battlefield) but as usual we found things to see along the way.  We still had the magnificent landscape with the vast plainsContinue reading “Montana and Wyoming – Big Horn / Bighorn / Little Bighorn”

Wyoming – Cheyenne is more than a rodeo.

If you are getting ready for a trip to Wyoming, you may want to consider reading C.J. Box’s series featuring Joe Pickett, a Wyoming Game Warden who is passionate in his love of both nature and his family.  He is a good, clean-cut guy who manages to get himself involved in all sorts of complicatedContinue reading “Wyoming – Cheyenne is more than a rodeo.”

Nebraska – Lincoln Capitol Art and Architecture

Well satisfied and very impressed with Omaha’s cultural heritage, we drove west to Lincoln, Nebraska, to visit the State Capitol and the State Museum.  At the Nebraska State Museum we enjoyed the large-scale reprints of historic photos of life in the early territory.  The photos brought Willa Cather’s writing to mind, especially My Antonia withContinue reading “Nebraska – Lincoln Capitol Art and Architecture”

Iowa – Des Moines’ Surprising Treasures

       Little things can brighten a long driving day like a stop at the Johnson County Iowa Rest Area (I-80) where we were surprised with the stack of books and the other playful art that took our minds off mileage and destinations for a moment. We arrived in Des Moines late in the day but hadContinue reading “Iowa – Des Moines’ Surprising Treasures”