Maine – Arundel & Goose Rocks: Trolleys and Antiques

When I think of Arundel, Maine, I don’t have a picture of a town…rather my mind takes me to a several distinct locations along the roads crossing the community.  The Town Hall is indistinct, located in a former two-story house, and the closest post offices are in Kennebunk or Kennebunkport.   Once I started digging intoContinue reading “Maine – Arundel & Goose Rocks: Trolleys and Antiques”

Mississippi – Jackson: Crop Dusters, Cotton and Country

Mississippi is such a rural state that it seems fitting that we started our tour of Jackson with a visit to the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, which is just four miles from the Capitol Building.  Back in 1939 Jim Buck Ross, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, “recognized a need for the preservation ofContinue reading “Mississippi – Jackson: Crop Dusters, Cotton and Country”

Tennessee – Chattanooga: Tow Trucks, Art and Antiques

As we tell people, Don and I collect a lot of things but collecting museums is our passion, and Chattanooga has some fun and interesting ones to offer.  Having just done research on the Whiteside family and their contributions to early Chattanooga history, it seems like a good time to write about a few ofContinue reading “Tennessee – Chattanooga: Tow Trucks, Art and Antiques”

Tennessee – Clinton: Pearls of the Past

In some ways, Clinton, Tennessee, seems to be almost as shrouded in secrecy as her neighbor Oak Ridge.  The secure veil that surrounded the Manhattan Project and the development of the atomic bomb for so many years seems to continue to be a part of the culture.  But for a while in 1956, Clinton madeContinue reading “Tennessee – Clinton: Pearls of the Past”