Maine – Kennebunk(s) and Walker Point

Driving from Ogunquit to Wells, Maine, much of the land is part of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.   Carson (1907-1964) was born in Springdale, PA, about twenty miles up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh, which in her day was a city filled with buildings blackened by smoke from the steel plants.  She worked forContinue reading “Maine – Kennebunk(s) and Walker Point”

Maine – South Berwick: Cows to Classic Architecture

The tall, straight white pines of southern Maine’s forests caught the attention of seamen and the area became the prime source for masts on sailing ships that were plying the waters around the world.  The Salmon Falls River, which got its name from the abundant salmon leaping the falls during spawning season, provided transportation forContinue reading “Maine – South Berwick: Cows to Classic Architecture”

Nebraska – Lincoln Capitol Art and Architecture

Well satisfied and very impressed with Omaha’s cultural heritage, we drove west to Lincoln, Nebraska, to visit the State Capitol and the State Museum.  At the Nebraska State Museum we enjoyed the large-scale reprints of historic photos of life in the early territory.  The photos brought Willa Cather’s writing to mind, especially My Antonia withContinue reading “Nebraska – Lincoln Capitol Art and Architecture”