Maine – Biddeford Pool

Although Plymouth, Massachusetts, is generally celebrated at the first permanent European settlement in this country, four years earlier over the winter of 1616-17, Richard Vines and some other hearty souls were already snug in their cabins near Biddeford Pool in Maine.  Sir Fernando Gorges had a lot riding on Vines ability to get to MaineContinue reading “Maine – Biddeford Pool”

Maine – Arundel & Goose Rocks: Trolleys and Antiques

When I think of Arundel, Maine, I don’t have a picture of a town…rather my mind takes me to a several distinct locations along the roads crossing the community.  The Town Hall is indistinct, located in a former two-story house, and the closest post offices are in Kennebunk or Kennebunkport.   Once I started digging intoContinue reading “Maine – Arundel & Goose Rocks: Trolleys and Antiques”

Maine – Kennebunk(s) and Walker Point

Driving from Ogunquit to Wells, Maine, much of the land is part of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.   Carson (1907-1964) was born in Springdale, PA, about twenty miles up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh, which in her day was a city filled with buildings blackened by smoke from the steel plants.  She worked forContinue reading “Maine – Kennebunk(s) and Walker Point”

Maine – Kittery: Fishing War to Flowers

Kittery is located at southern point of Maine’s coast and is 293 miles from Eastport, the most eastern town in the United State…but 4,568 miles of jagged coastline lay between those two points (Woodward, 32) We usually enter Maine by way of the Piscataqua River Bridge, which opened in 1972.  I love looking at itsContinue reading “Maine – Kittery: Fishing War to Flowers”

Maine – The Yorks: The Historic Southern Coast

Maine is a little miffed this year at being denied her big bicentennial birthday celebration.  Neighboring Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island were included in the original thirteen colonies.  Vermont was welcomed into the union in 1791, but Maine was not granted independence from Massachusetts until 1820…almost thirty years later.  Don has been exploringContinue reading “Maine – The Yorks: The Historic Southern Coast”