Why We Blog

One of the best parts of writing our adventures is that we are able to remember and relive those days and places.  We almost always enjoy creating the recaps as much as we enjoyed the passing moments during our travels.  While we are on the road, there is always “next” ticking away like a time clock in our minds.  I may stand looking at a mountain, house, flower box or painting and could linger so much longer, but there is always a ticking sound telling us that we must get to another place before it closes or we need to find a place to eat or a place to stay for the night. 

This writing gives me time to savor our days without the pressures of measuring miles, finding a motel, checking museum hours or any of the other pesky important details that always need attention.  Here in the quiet of my morning, I envision a particular view and it swells in my mind to where I can almost sense how the sun felt on my face or remember a scent that stamped itself on my memory.  I find it fascinating how much we take in and retain in our memories that is available for recall.  This writing gives me the opportunity to armchair travel (or in my case chaise lounge travel) to the places we have been and to share and even expand the experience because Don tells me of things that made an impression on him while I was off taking a picture or watching a squirrel. 

IMG_0033 (1).JPG

After I have fleshed out my notes, added pictures and gotten my words to an editor-ready state, I read a segment to Don and he asks questions, adds details and helps me catch areas that need expansion or rewriting.  We end up talking about that day or even making plans for what we would like to do on a return trip.  The sharing brings the day alive for us to enjoy, and I hope these travel notes bring some of these places alive for you.

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